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Privacy Policy: 1st Purley and Pangbourne Scout Group

1st Purley and Pangbourne Scout Group (‘1stPandP’) is a charity working to support the young people of Purley on Thames, Pangbourne and surrounding areas. 1stPandP takes the issue of privacy very seriously and is committed to protecting and respecting our members’ privacy online. This Privacy Statement sets out our privacy policy. If you have any queries or concerns regarding these practices, you should contact us at [email protected]

It is important to note that 1stPandP is a charity in its own right. Its governance is via the Scout Association’s Policy Organisation and Rules document.

1. Information we collect and use relating to young people

a. We use a third-party system called Online Scout Manager (‘OSM’) to record and store relevant information about young people who are members of 1stPandP, or for whom we hold a registration of an interest in joining the Group.

b. As well as recording key contact and other details about our members we also use OSM to support:
• the management of camps, trips and other events
• collection of membership subscriptions and other charges
• communicating (email) with parents and, occasionally, with our older members (e.g. Explorer scouts)
• the delivery of our programme for young people, and the badges that they are awarded
• tracking of receipts against which we can claim Gift Aid
• tracking and planning of young person membership and completion of the census requirements of The Scout Association.

c. Where necessary (and only to the extent necessary) we will share data about young people with other organisations within The Scout Association (e.g. Pang Valley Scout District) or third parties that are providing programme elements. We will not provide or share any ‘youth’ data to be used for commercial purposes.

d. Adults within 1stPandP (for example, the Section Leaders) may occasionally download from OSM to their personal computing devices and/or print data required for planning purposes or for managing events. This information will be deleted by those adults as soon as it is no longer required (e.g. following the end of a trip or a camp).

e. OSM will always be used as the ‘master database’, however for some events or camps it is necessary to record additional information which is required only for that event. In this case paper or electronic (e.g. spreadsheet) records will be maintained by the event leader and will be securely destroyed, normally within 1 week of the end of the event. OSM will be updated, if appropriate, prior to destroying the data.
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f. We use OSM to receive payments from parents in respect of membership subscriptions, events, camps. This is handled for OSM by GoCardless ( GoCardless itself receives bank details – no bank details are seen by, or are accessible by, OSM. Certain members of 1stPandP have access to GoCardless data, but only to a limited subset – no bank account numbers or sortcodes or bank status details are visible to 1stPandP.

g. OSM’s Security and GDPR policies can be seen at
The GoCardless privacy statement can be seen at

2. Information we collect and use relating to adults

a. We use a system called Compass to record and store relevant information about adults who are members or associates of 1stPandP. Compass is a system owned and managed by The Scout Association headquarters – for 1stPandP it is, therefore, treated as a third-party system. It stores personal data, and also communications preferences for use by Scout Association Headquarters (but not by 1stPandP).

b. Basic data about each adult working with Sections is also maintained by 1stPandP on OSM: (a) to enable inclusion of those adults in emails sent from OSM, and (b) to maintain key data so that OSM can be the single reference point about all persons associated with an event or a camp.

c. Compass also enables the processing of data to support the Scout Association in meeting its obligations to work with the England & Wales Disclosure and Barring Service (‘DBS’) to enable completion of Criminal Record checks. The data is processed through a system authorised by the DBS called Atlantic Data and no personal information is retained by 1stPandP or by The Scout Association.

d. It is important that all adults regularly (re-)visit their Compass and OSM records to ensure that they remain up-to-date.

e. Adults within 1stPandP may occasionally download data needed for managing 1stPandP from Compass to their personal computing devices. Such uses include (but are not restricted to) managing disclosures and also managing Adult Training. This data will be securely deleted by those adults when the data is no longer required.

f. 1stPandP will pay expenses to its leaders and other adults to reimburse costs incurred. This is normally done via direct bank transfer and requires bank details to be supplied by the claimant. At the point of first claim, the bank details are set up in our bank account details (provided by CAF Bank). They are retained in CAF Bank to simplify the process of future expenses claims. On an annual basis, 1stPandP will delete banking details for individuals no longer associated with 1stPandP.

g. All adults (including parents/carers) with details recorded on OSM will be invited to join the Group’s 1st P&P Facebook page (this is a ‘closed’ Facebook group). Scouts and Explorers who are over the Facebook minimum age (currently 13 years) can also request to join. 1stPandP will take steps to cancel access to that Facebook group for persons who are no longer associated with 1stPandP.

h. All adults working as ‘leaders’ (Section Leaders, Assistant Section Leaders, Section Assistants, Young Leaders, Group Office Bearers) will be invited to join the Group’s 1st P&P – Leaders Facebook page (this is also a ‘closed’ Facebook group). 1stPandP will take steps to cancel access to that Facebook group for persons who are no longer active as ‘Leaders’ with 1stPandP.

i. For information about The Scout Association’s Data Protection Policy and your responsibilities within this, please click here.
The Scout Association’s Privacy Policy can be read at
The Atlantic Data system’s data protection statement can be seen at
CAF Bank’s Privacy notices are at

3. Sharing of data

We do not share data supplied by you (or collected about you) with other parts of The Scout Association or with third parties (with the exception of HMRC in respect of the minimum data required to reclaim Gift Aid).

4. The Data Protection act

You can obtain further information about data protection laws by visiting the Information Commissioner’s website at

5. Contacting us

If you want to contact us to raise any questions about this privacy statement, or any general matters relating to, you can contact us using this email address: [email protected]
Please also use this email address if you wish to request from us a copy of the personal data we hold about you (a ‘subject access request’). In any such request you must supply your name, address and email address.

6. Data breaches

In the event of identifying any data breaches (whether caused by the actions of members of 1stPandP or notified to us by suppliers) we will immediately and appropriately report the breach, following the guidance of the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). This will be managed by the 1stPandP Group Secretary

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