Payment Policy

The following payment policy applies to all camps and events run by 1st Purley and Pangbourne, this can at the approval of the trustees of the scout group be waived in exceptional circumstances.


Any event where a deposit is charged for attendance this deposit is none refundable, and payable to 1st Purley and Pangbourne regardless of any future decisions with regards to attendance. Any deposits not paid at the time of cancellation will still be due.

Cancellation by you

The following policies will apply:

  • Cancellation 90 days before an event, refund of any money paid less any deposit charged.
  • Cancellation between 90 days and 30 days before an event, 50% refund of any money paid or due, less any deposit charged.
  • Cancellation less than 30 days before an event, 0% refund, full costs of the event due.

Any event where a payment plan has been put in place by the leaders to spread the cost over a number of months the refund will be based on the monies due at the time of cancellation, where payments have not been made, these will still be due.

Where no money has been paid, these monies will still be due to be paid.

Cancellation by 1st P&P

Where 1st Purley and Pangbourne has to cancel an event every effort will be made to return all monies paid.

Cancellation by a 3rd party providing services to 1st P&P

1st Purley and Pangbourne will make all efforts to retrieve all monies paid, and return all unspent money to parents. This may mean that monies spent on insurance or non-refundable deposits can not be returned.

Refund Method

Any money to be refunded will be paid via BACS, 1st Purley and Pangbourne will require you to complete our expenses payment form to provide us with details by which to refund any monies to you.


Charged termly, requested around half term, don’t say in first 4 weeks you’re giving up your place, fees are due for the whole term.


Money should never be a blocker to attending any 1st Purley and Panbourne event, if you have issues or challenges in paying for an event please speak to us, we can access a number of grant facilities, as well as discuss and agree spreading the cost over a longer period of time if this would help.

Non Payment

Non Payment of subs, or event fees may result in your young person being asked to leave 1st Purley and Pangbourne Scout group, this would only ever be as a last resort, and never where we are aware of issues in making payments.

Money facts

  • 1st Purley and Pangbourne is run totally by volunteers, no one is paid by the group to run any of the sections, events or activities.
  • All payments paid by parents via OSM cost 1st Purley and Pangbourne 2.9% before we receive your money, this system makes the lives of our leaders significantly easier, thus reducing admin time and is therefore why we use this system, we believe the cost of this outweighs the value of the time our volunteers would have to spend doing this.
  • Changes to attendance often take up significant time changing plans, this costs our volunteers valuable time, we can’t put a price on that.

What does running P&P Cost

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How to get involved

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